Computer Crime Hackers Lesson Activity

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This resource includes links to videos and online articles about cyber crime that you and your students access online. It includes summary slides as well as questions and activities that you can do with your students.
UPDATE: This resource has recently been redesigned to investigate current Computer Crime and Hacking topics and trends and includes new videos and online articles!
1. 3 Types of Hackers
2. Computer Bug Bounties
3. Ransomware
4. How Hackers stole $45 Million in 2 Days
5. North Korea Sony Cyber Attack
6. Companies Storing Data About You
7. Governments Monitoring Citizens
8. Smart Phones Track Our Movement
9. Company ID Badges with Embedded Sensors
10. High Tech City – Songdo South Korea
11. Tor Onion Browser
12. Wayback Machine Internet Archive
13. Top Hacker Shows Us How It’s Done
14. 8 Biggest Viruses of All Time
15. Mafiaboy – 15 Year Old Hacker
16. Computer Crime Definitions
Note: You will receive this lesson in both PowerPoint (editable) and PDF formats
• This lesson is based on the video Rise of the Hackers (Kate Dart and Zoe Heron, Nova 2015)
• It contains cutting edge, up-to-date information (2015) about computer viruses, hacking and encryption
• You can view this video online for free right now through several links, through Netflix or by purchasing it at
• It is great video for a computer, business or math class
• The video has 4 segments. Questions and summary information are included for each segment
1. Social Engineering Attacks
2. Stuxnet Virus
3. Encryption
4. Keeping Our Data Safe
UPDATE: I have added a new video and questions to this bundle. The video is Rise of the Hackers . It contains cutting edge, up-to-date information about computer viruses, hacking and encryption.
UPDATE #2: A new lesson plan has been added to this resource (PDF and editable PowerPoint copies)
UPDATE #3 This resource has been completely redesigned to investigate current Computer Crime and Hacking topics and trends.
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6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, Homeschool


Lesson Plans (Individual)




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