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Show these dynamic videos and have students respond to the questions contained in this resource! This is a BUNDLE of TeachwithTech’s 3 Future Tech resources. These videos are suitable for most grade levels and are designed to spark curiosity and discussion. One thing I have found in my twelve years of teaching is that kids love seeing videos about new gadgets and technology related stuff.



  1. Smart Contact Lenses
  2. Electronic Ink Temporary Tattoos
  3. Digital Sneakers
  4. Vespa Robotic Orb
  5. Future of Flirting
  6. Hyperloop Tube
  7. Scuba Dive Tankless
  8. Doodling Robot
  9. Water Animation
  10. Facial Recognition Toilet Paper Dispenser
  11. 3D Printed Home
  12. No Snooze Alarm Clock



  1. When a Robot Isn’t Just a Robot
  2. Smacircle S1 Foldable Bike
  3. Renault Float Hover Car
  4. Electric Skateboard will Change your Commute Forever
  5. Gadget can Charge any Phone Wirelessly
  6. Wearable for Kids
  7. Laser Keyboard Projector
  8. Charging Bag
  9. Smart Ring phone
  10. Upgrade Your Bathroom With These Tech Products
  11. Flying Robots Glide with Ease
  12. Device Prints Video



  1. New Google AI Can Have Real Life Conversations With Strangers
  2. This Satellite Net Is Cleaning Up Space Junk
  3. Inside the Technology That Helps Self-Driving Cars “See”
  4. Revolutionary Orange Goo Used to Protect Football Players From Head Traumas
  5. Robotic Farming of the Future
  6. This Might Be the Cutest AI-powered Robot Ever
  7. High-Tech Glove Lets You Control a Drone with Your Hand
  8. Electricity-Conducting Paint Lets You Paint Switches On Walls
  9. This Hydroponic Farm Is Run Entirely By Robots
  10. Crazy-Cool Printer Could Change the Way We Print Human Tissue
  11. This Smartwatch Might Be Samsung’s Best Wearable Yet – Power Up
  12. Robots Will Clean Up After You


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2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10


Lesson Plans (Individual)




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