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Google Classroom is your mission control for class. Create classes, distribute assignments, send feedback, and see everything in one place. Instant. Paperless. Easy. (
UPDATE: Google redesigned Google Classroom. This resource has new screenshots and instructions to reflect the changes made to the layout of Google Classroom. Both the Teacher Guide and the Student Guide have been completely redesigned!
My own personal experience with Google Classroom…
Google Classroom has helped me immensely to stay more organized. All class materials are in one place. Google creates a folder for each assignment and all submitted assignments are automatically placed in this folder to ease marking. I can reuse assignments, tests and announcements to quickly recreate a course. Create a test and let Google mark it for you. Finally, the site just looks good, the layout is appealing. You can change the theme to suite your class. It is professional while at the same time inviting to students. Try it for yourself to take advantage of these amazing features in your classroom.
For Teachers…
1. Create a class with just a few clicks
2. Add your students by sending them a class code or adding them directly
3. Create an assignment. You’ll be able to see who’s completed the assignment and who’s still working on it.
4. Archive and delete a class at the end of the semester or school year.
For Students…
1. Everything is in one place. Join the class in one click and then have all of the materials at your fingertips.
2. Start a conversation. Communicate privately with your teacher or ask questions to the whole class.
3. Submit assignments. Attach anything to your assignments (Google Docs, links or photos)
• This is a step-by-step guide for teachers and students who are new to using Google Classroom.
Screen shots and instruction bubbles are used to show how to get started and easily navigate within Classroom.
• The following topics are covered in this teacher and student guide…
1. Create a Class
2. Post to Classroom Stream
3. Stream Options (Create Question, Assignment or Announcement)
4. Share a Class Code
5. Invite Students (Select Students by Directory, Contacts or Groups)
6. Class Overview
7. Add Class Materials (Files, Drive Documents, YouTube Videos, Links)
8. Google Drive Classroom Folders (Moving Files to Classroom Folders)
9. Calendar
10. Student Settings
11. Marking Assignments and Sending Messages/Feedback to Students
12. Google Classroom from the Student’s Perspective (Printed Handout or Electronic Copy for Students)
UPDATE: A 20 slide guide for using Google Calendar within Google Classroom has been added to this bundle.
UPDATE: Instructions and screenshots have been added for assignment status (Done, Not Done & Returned) and returning an assignment.
Google Calendar Topics…
1. Accessing Calendar
2. New Calendar
3. View Options
4. Quick Add
5. Adding an Event
6. Edit Event
7. Delete Event
8. Reminders
9. Repeat
10. Display
11. Settings
12. Share Calendar
UPDATE #2 Announcement Icon Images
• This resource contains image designs to enhance your class announcements
• Use them to announce upcoming quizzes, tests, homework, guest speakers, field trips etc.
• Insert these icons into Google Classroom Announcements or display them using a projector in a regular classroom
• Adding images helps your announcements to get noticed and be remembered by your students
• These jpg images are easy to add to Classroom and step-by-step instructions are included to show you how to do it
1. Welcome
2. Homework
3. Test
4. Quiz
5. Due Date
6. Reminder
7. Guest Speaker
8. Field Trip
9. Quiet Please
10. Five Minutes (Remaining in Class or For an Activity)
• Note: These icons were created using
UPDATE #3 Communicating with Guardians through Classroom
1. Students Tab
2. Invite a Guardian
3. Remove a Guardian
4. Email Guardians
5. Email All Guardians in a Class
6. Guardian Email Summaries
UPDATE #4 – Google Classroom UPDATES
Google recently added a number of helpful updates to Google Classroom for teachers.
These add-ons include…
1. Reorder your classes on the homepage
2. View all of a student’s work on a single page
3. Use decimal grades to award partial points
4. Display the class code in full screen
5. Transfer class ownership to another teacher
UPDATE #5 Google recently added several updates to Google Classroom for the 2017/18 school year to help teachers. I created a guide about those updates and added it to this bundle.
UPDATE #6 A guide has been added to this bundle that will show you how to share an assignment in Google Classroom so that each student will get their own copy
• The default for file sharing is “view only” so that students are not able to alter a teachers assignment
• However, files can be shared in 3 ways
1. Student can view the file
2. Students can edit the file
3. Make a copy for each student
• By sharing a copy of the assignment, each student can edit (add their own information) without altering the master copy. This is helpful for many types of assignments including worksheets or interactive activities.
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1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12


Google Apps, Software, Teacher Manuals


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